Teeth Whitening: What to Expect?


Are you unhappy with the color of your teeth? Would you like to have a whiter, brighter smile? Then tooth whitening might be the answer for you!

There are many ways to make your teeth look whiter. From over-the-counter products to professional tooth whitening, your dentist or hygienist can help you decide which procedure is right for you.


Why Do I Need Teeth Whitening?

Before looking at the ways of teeth whitening, you must first know what makes your teeth look yellow. Your tooth is made up of a substance called dentin which is yellow in color. The outer layer – the enamel covers the dentin and makes your tooth look white. With the passage of time, the enamel wears away and, the yellow color of dentin starts showing. Other factors such as consumption of tea, coffee, and sodas stain the enamel of your tooth. Smoking can also turn your teeth yellow.

To prevent your teeth from turning yellow, you must follow proper oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing will help keep your teeth clean and free from plaque. If you already have stained teeth then, you need to get your teeth whitened. Here are some of the ways that will help you in brightening your smile.

What Happens During A Dental Whitening Procedure?

The first step of a dental whitening procedure is a thorough examination of the teeth and gums and a good dental cleaning. Once your teeth have been cleaned, and any necessary dental work is completed, you can start the process of whitening your teeth.  The dentist or hygienist will check the shade of your teeth to determine which whitening process is right for you.

Whitening Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Over-the-counter whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes are a great way to maintain a whiter, brighter smile. You can always start with these products to see if that helps.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips can also be bought over-the-counter.  The strips, which are covered with a layer of hydrogen peroxide, adhere to your teeth. You usually wear them for several hours.  Over time, they will lighten your teeth. However, they can sometimes be difficult to position and can be hard to speak with them on.  Whitening strips work well when the teeth have only mild discoloration.

Custom Whitening Trays

On your first visit, your dentist will take a digital impression of your teeth and make a custom whitening tray for you. Your trays will be ready in a couple of weeks. At that appointment, your dentist will show you how to use whitening products. They may even show you a short video of the process. They will take a “before” shade of your teeth. You will whiten your teeth every night for 14 days. Then, you will go back to your dentist and they will take an “after” shade.  If you want your teeth even whiter, you will come back for an in-office whitening session.

In-Office Whitening

Your dentist will take a “before” shade of your teeth. Then, they will prepare your mouth to apply the in-office whitening gel. You will have three 20-minute whitening applications on that visit.  The total time you will be in the chair is 1 ½ to 2 hours. Then the dentist will take an “after” shade of your teeth. It is important to remember that once the whitening process has been completed, you will need to maintain your new whiter, brighter smile with the touch-up gel. Your dentist will explain all of that to you on this visit.

If you need more information on this topic, you can visit our website. Fenton Family Dental offers the best teeth whitening services.

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